Next Generation

Voltage Optimisation

Achieve true voltage management with our stabilised output, remote control of units, remote management and wireless energy monitors.

Real-time Energy

View energy consumption in real-time at source and encourage behavioural change with our new onsite wireless energy monitors.

Voltage Optimisation

Take our Voltage Optimisation calculator challenge.  It takes just a few minutes to see the savings your business could enjoy.

Case Studies our Clients

Our customers have achieved substantial savings in energy consumption and reductions in equipment failures and CO2 emissions – read about their successes.

Scalable technology with a fast ROI

From small to large scale business operations, our technology achieves electricity and carbon savings ranging from 8 to 20%, and a return on investment (ROI) of between 12 and 30 months.

Voltage Optimisation Units from EcoAdapt

We design, manufacture, install and maintain Sensing Technology™
Voltage Optimisation (VO) units.

Our Patented Voltage Optimisation Sensing Technology™

Our patented voltage optimisation sensing technology senses incoming voltage from the National Grid and provides a constant output voltage irrespective of power input levels and fluctuations. This delivers enhanced energy cost savings, CO2 reduction and equipment protection. You pay for what you use rather than the electricity provided by the National Grid.

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